How to Make Your Proposal more Customer Focussed

There’s nothing easy about writing a proposal from scratch. It’s time consuming, fiddly, and it’s difficult to know exactly what to include, in what style, and where. One of the most important things to remember is to make the entire proposal customer focussed. It should be a joy to read and navigate, be bespoke to the customer’s needs, and make closing the deal easy.

But how best to do this? Take a look through our top tips to making your pitch perfectly focussed towards your customer.

Make it bespoke

The days of churning out the same proposal time and again regardless of what’s on it and who it’s going to are long gone. Business is competitive, and ensuring your proposal is better than the competition will go a long way to securing more business. With this in mind, make sure each of your proposals are geared towards the style of the potential client, whilst staying on your own brand, too.

Do the research

Take a little time to do some research and tap into the style and feel of your customer’s company, and use this to influence the style of your pitch. The director of a snazzy social media startup will relate differently to that of a recruitment firm CEO, for example. Make sure the customer gets what they want.

Structure your sentences around them

It might sound like psycho-babble, but structuring your sentences to literally put the customer first is a great way of sounding immensely customer-focussed. Making sure that they are the object of most points ensures they know that you’ve got their actual needs in mind, and not merely their cold, hard cash.

Be reader-friendly

There’s a fair chance that large chunks of your lovingly-prepared proposal will remain unread, as upsetting as that may seem. The customer is likely to skim through to the sections that they want to read before any other, and usually make a decision within seconds. With that in mind, make it easy to navigate with very definite sections and a contents page if it’s a little long. Do you best to keep it as succinct as possible and make sure your copy is clear and to the point – going round the houses is completely unnecessary.

Focus on the problem, not the deliverables

Customers don’t pay for deliverables – they pay for a solution to a problem. Make sure you focus succinctly on how you plan to provide this solution rather than your grand plan for every aspect of the process.

Be ROI-orientated

You know the drill. Parting with the contents of your company’s wallet needs to have a sizeable ROI behind it at the best of times, and your customer needs to be assured of that at the outset. Referring back to their return on investment rather than talking in flat rates is a good way of speaking their language.

Keep it action-orientated

If the customer likes what they’re reading, all that matters to them is what they have to do next. Keep your pitch action-orientated, and be sure to include a contract or call to action in the paperwork in order to close the deal. Writing reams and reams of copy waxing lyrical about your company’s history might be an enjoyable experience, but the fact is that all that is doing is detracting the customer from making a decision. Keep it on message.

Keeping your proposal keenly customer focussed is a key way of ensuring your pitch hits the right notes. Proposal Fox offers entirely customisable proposal template software that makes creating the perfect pitch quick and easy. Sign up today for your free template.